Virtual Manipulatives

Digital or virtual manipulatives can be a supplement to or replacement for hands-on manipulatives used in the mathematics classroom. Manipulatives represent concretely abstract concepts in mathematics class and link these concepts to prior knowledge. They offer a useful means to introduce new concepts to all students.

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Through Middle School


Virtual Algebra Tiles

Upper Level Resources

  • The UBC Calculus Online Homepage - - Maintained by the University of British Columbia as a supplement to their Math 101 course, this page contains interactive tutorials and demonstrations on fundamental calculus topics, including Area under a Curve and Average Value.
  • Visual Calculus - Contains demonstrations and explorations of many fundamental Calculus concepts, including limits, Linear Approximation and Riemann Sums. Also contains information on how to write calculus programs for TI-83 calculator.
  • The Wolfram Demonstrations Project - According to the website, the Wolfram Demonstrations Project was conceived by Stephen Wolfram as an open-code resource that uses dynamic computation to illuminate concepts in science, technology, mathematics, art, finance, and a range of other fields.

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