Web Mastering

Web Mastering is a high school Technology Applications course that is offered at the high school level. Upon completion of the course, the student will demonstrate knowledge and appropriate use of operating systems, delineate and make necessary adjustments regarding compatibility issues and be able to summarize the technical needs of a World Wide Web (WWW) server, components of the Central Processing Unit of a PC, methods of connectivity, and appropriate software. Students will have a basic understanding of the history of the Internet and the protocols that have developed (http, gopher, file transfer protocol, telnet, and wide area information system). Students will construct appropriate search strategies in the acquisition of information from the Internet. Each student will publish his/her own WWW pages that include text, hypertext, audio, video, and graphics. Students will be able to evaluate the design (for content and delivery) of WWW pages and demonstrate skill in testing the accuracy of information. Students will maintain a web site containing several directories.