HISD online resources

HISD enables students to access a wealth of materials at home, in their libraries, or in their classrooms with the click of a mouse. The many online resources the district makes available range from encyclopedias to instructional videos and historic newspapers.

Texas online resources

The K-12 Database program is funded by the state (Rider 88, 80th Texas Legislature) and is available at no cost to public schools and public charter schools. This program is a partnership between the Texas Education Agency, the Texas State Library and Archives Commission and Education Service Center, Region 20.


The middle school Technology Applications HAPG is locatedhere at The HAPG is undergoing significant revisions for next year. We welcome input from our teachers.


The Technology Application Teacher Network is designed to provide Texas teachers with resources to implement the Technology Applications Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills.
Join (it's free) and log in to get to past year's lessons and resources. The look for the lesson under "Best Practice Units". Click "join the Technology Applications Teacher Network". Your e-mail address will not be shared or sold, nor will you receive unsolicited e-mail by enrolling.

Tech Apps/Computer Science SIG

tacssiglogo.gifTA/CS SIG (Tech-Apps/Computer Science Special Interest Group)
The Technology Applications/Computer Science Special Interest Group is dedicated to establishing a network of information exchange for TCEA members who are involved in the study of information processing, including both hardware and software development.