Mimio Resources

Mimio Workshop

By Secondary Educational Technology
Terry Kidd – tkidd@houstonisd.org and
Marty Daniel – mdaniel@houstonisd.org

Ryan Middle School Mimio Presentation - Science and Social Studies

HISD Resources
Mimio Resources

  • What do we already know and what do we want to learn?
  • Examples of Mimio Notebook and how it can be used to engage students
  • HISD Curriculum site and HAPG
  • Review Mimio Resources
  • Finding activities already created that fit needed objective.
  • See the tutorial video on using the Mimio Studio software and review other self-help video tutorial options available. http://www.mimio.com/training/mimio_self_guided/video_tutorials.asp
  • Teachers divide into pairs to select an activity to share with the group using the following questions as a framework for sharing with the whole group.
    • How would this activity be used in the classroom to facilitate instruction?
    • How could I measure that this has been an effective method of instruction?
  • Questions and Answers
  • Evaluation - http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/6VVF8SL